Computerisation of Land records


In the year 1994, Manitron (a Govt. of Manipur Undertaking) was given to take up Land Record Computerisation by the Govt. of Manipur. Manitron took up the project for valley districts of Manipur. They completed data entry and handed over to Govt. of Manipur. Then it was abandoned for quite a long time and later on data could not be retrieved. NIC took up the project in the year 2000 and started the project from scratch i.e development of software, training and data entry.

The scheme of Computerisation of Land Records (CLR) was started in 1988-89. This is a 100 per cent grant-in-aid scheme executed by the State Govts. The main objective of CLR scheme is that landowners should get computerized copies of  Records of Rights (RORs) at a reasonable price. The ultimate objective of the scheme is ‘on-line management’ of land records in the country.

The main objectives are :

- Provide computerised copies of the Record of Rights(ROR) to the Land owners at nominal rates on demand
- Ensure speed, accuracy, transparency and dispute resolution
- Information empowerment of land owners and freeing them from the clutches of colonial systems - paradigm shift from tax based approach to management of land administration
- Provide fast and efficient retrieval of information for decision making
- Achieve low cost and easily reproducible basic land record data for reliable and durable preservation
- Value addition and modernization in Land Administration



In order to develop comprehensive Land Records Management Information System, data on the following aspects are fed to the computer.

1.     Record of Rights.
2.     Ownership details.
3.     Tenant details.
4.     Cropping pattern.
5.     Irrigation details.
6.     Land utilisation details.
7.     Land Revenue details.
8.     Mutation details.
9.     Encroachment details.
10.  Land dispute details.

Presently land records and other subsidiary records are store houses of information and data is unclassified, unprocessed and not quickly retrievable. Computerisation of these documents will generate information in various stages. For management of land data  a plot is the smallest entity so the data volume is assessed keeping the plot in mind.


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