Preparation & Maintenance of Land Records


The unit for preparation of land Records is the village. It is more or less the ward in the town block. At present revenue department is maintaining two types of land, agricultural and non-agricultural.Cadastral records :  It consists of textual data about a plot of land identified by a unique code. The nature of data will indicate ownership, land crop, irrigation, cultivation, etc. ROR ( Record of Rights ) : It is the main document which contains details of owners, ownership, rights, liabilities and land revenue and collection. It is a legal document certified by Senior Land Revenue Officer. This document may be used for mortgage as well as acquiring loan against the land held. Units of Survey and Settlement operation in Manipur : 

1.     1960 Survey (Cadastral)         -    (i) Acres
(ii) Hectares ( 1 Hectare = 2.5 Acres )
2.     ReSurvey Operation 1985-86 -    Hectares ( 1 Hectare = 2.471 acres )

Jamabandi is prepared at the last preceding Re-Settlement of the district. Land Revenue and local rate payable by pattadars are incorporated in the Jamabandi Register. The Register kanungo of the Deputy Commissioner's Office is the custodian of Jamabandis.

The Circle Officer visits every village at least once in every alternate year along with the Supervisor Kanungo and the Recorder, gets the chitha and the jamabandi read-out publicly in the village and gets all the changes by the land record staff then and there in the chitha so as to maintain the land records upto date. This process is known as field mutation.

The Recorder corrects the local periodic jamabandi so as to carry out changes sanctioned by the competent authorities in the chitha to reflect the changes as well to his local copy of Jamabandi and Chitha. These corrections are signed with date jointly by the Register Kanungo and the Recorder . Any changes in the Chitha entries are reflected in the remarks column. Thus, all the local records are maintained upto date by a continuous process of recording. All corrections are made in red ink.



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